Create a Free Team Web Site!

Create Your Free Team Web site!

To create your Free Team Web Site, you'll need to do the following:

Step #1 -- Register
You will receive a username and password which will allow you to login to the "Administer Web Your Site" area and build your Free Team Web Site. You will use this username and password to update your site whenever you wish. Click Here to Register.

Step #2 -- Check your e-mail
Your UserID and Password will be automatically e-mailed to the address you supply so you can get started building your site.

Step #3 -- Create Your Site
When you get your username and password, Login to "Administer Web Your Site." All you do is type in the information you want on your site, hit "save," and your team site will automatically be created!

Step #4 -- Wait for Activation
In order to prevent inappropriate Web sites from being displayed, the USHSTA will personally view each Web site before activating it. IN MOST CASES, your Free Team Web Site will be approved within a few hours. It may take up to 48 hours, however, if we're at a conference, workshop, etc.

Step #5 -- Give Team Members Private Access
When your site is activated, you will have a special username and password to give team members to access private areas of the Web site. This might contain e-mail addresses and phone numbers, this week's line-up, special instructions from the coach, or other news and notes you want to keep private for your team.

Step #6 -- Tell Your Fans!
Please enjoy your Free Team Web Site, courtesy of the USHSTA, and let your fans know they can follow your team all season!